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It's not hard enjoying what we do, when we see just how much our customers appreciate our efforts.

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We purchased three of your sauces at the Inverloch market whilst on holiday and have just had the pleasure of enjoying the Vindaloo and Rogan Josh. Excellent curries and remind me of some of the best curry houses I have been to in the UK so congratulations.


Hi, We had the pleasure of cooking and eating you Rogan Josh recipe... and have decided it is the best pre-made Indian mix we have ever had!

Regards Shirlene

I purchased a jar of your Rogan Josh at the last Templestowe Market and we had it tonight and it was soooooooo delicious- we will be buying more!!!!



Good Morning - I purchased  3 jars of your awesome curries when you attended the "Farmers Market" at EPIC in Canberra

When will you be returning to the Canberra Markets?

Thnx - Elly
Just wanted to let you know how delicious we have found your your (Ameet's Homestyle) Indian curries. I purchased the vindaloo last week from Leos in Heidelberg and had it with vegetables, cashews and rice and it was the best curry I've made!  I like the consistency, the lack of oilyness and the fresh herbs and spices that you can actually see and taste. This week we're trying the Kashmiri masala. I hope your business goes very well for you - perhaps Leos can make your products more prominent because it far surpasses the imported products I usually purchase. 

Thanks and regards,
I just wanted to let you know that the Rogan Josh sauce that I purchased from you (from Essendon Market) was sensational.  Will you be at the next market?  How else can I get some more???

We have purchased your curries at a the Venus Bay Market and very happy with them, would like to organise a delivery of a couple of jars please.



I can pick up order from you; I have purchased from inverloch market - amazing product!

With thanks Barbara

I bought some from your stall at the Canberra Southside Market a few weeks ago, and enjoyed them very much - particularly the Vindaloo and the Rogan Josh.



I picked up one of your Mango curry sauces at the Market in Woden in Canberra and it was delicious..


We purchased some of your curries from Elwood Market and they are fantastic.

Kind Regards,


Have just tried one of your range and loved it.  Can you suggest it to the newly renovated IGA store in North Road, Ormond please?

Hi Ameet

Love your sauces !!!  

 I purchased Butter, Tandoori and Rogan Josh at the Whitehorse markets on Sunday……. $20 for three.. great Value….

 I have already had success with the Butter and Rogan Josh, very tasty and easy to use……

I will get the Tandoori under way at the weekend ……

 Can I order a few more jars from you please….. I will Have to give some to my Son now so he & his wife can try them.

 In Anticipation of happy taste buds…….



We bought a bottle of your Indian Korma Sauce at the Williamstown Growers Market last Sunday morning.  It was delicious - thank you!

Kind regards,

I really love your sauces and used to buy them at the Mornington Market at the Homemaker’s Centre, but since the the change of date to the third Saturday, I’ve missed you. Do you outlet anywhere in Mornington or is it only possible to have the jars posted down?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

I made your rogan josh curry last night and loved it. Thing is - I can't remember where I bought the jar from as it has been in the fridge for some time! I've looked at your stockists list but I am sure I didn't get it from any of those places.

Do you stock at anywhere in South Melbourne?

No worries if not - I'm so impressed I'll do an online order and stock up.



Hi Ameet,

We now live in Torquay but were up a couple of months ago and dropped in to visit and were given a few of your curries to try.  We all love them (inlcuding the 9,7 and 5 yr olds!!).
I was wondering if you are (or are going to) using any store down this way or Geelong to sell your simmer sauces?

Thanks so much for such delcious creations that are so easy to prepare and loved by all!!

Sarah, Trent, Jake, Emily and Jasmine

We bought some products from the Wheelers Hill market on Saturday and we had the meal tonight – butter chicken – and we thought it was so good we had to give you our comments.

It was delicious –so much easier than cooking it ourselves and just as good quality. Excellent.

 Thank you!



Fantastic Butter Chicken!!!

Thank you!!!

I visited the Farmers Market, in Nunawading, for the first time last weekend and bought your Butter Chicken to try. It was fabulous, I've loved the spices I can still smell in my house as I go to bed. I'll be back next month to buy some of your other curries.

I can't wait to have jars of your curries in my pantry and share them with my friends, thank you. Im looking forward to sharing these Artifical Colour & Preservative free curries with my daughter.


I recently was given a jar of your butter chicken from a friend who lives near Muurumbeena which I loved.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards

I bought a bottle of your Indian Curry at the market at Inverloch.   I live in Dandenong - can I buy it anywhere else??   It was great!
We previously bought some (great) vindaloo from you guys at the Canberra Farmers Market at EPIC centre . . . can you please remind me of when you guys are present at the Canberra Farmers market . . . :o)

tia and cheerz
I got some of your curry and absolutely love it!!! Thank you. I was just wondering how much delivery would be to Traralgon. I am thinking of ordering maybe up to 20 jars as I have told some of friends about it and they are keen to try it.

Many thanks


On a recent trip to VIC I happened upon your product at the Venus Bay Farmer's Market. I purchased several of your simmer sauces and my family and friends love them!

Thank you,


We had the pleasure of meeting you last Wednesday at the Venus Bay Farmers Market and purchased all your sauces.  We have tried the spinach tonight which was great.  I noticed that you also have the Mango Exotic; will this one be available next week for purchase.  We'll see you then.
Ted and Karen
Hi Ameet,
My name is Karl and I've got an unusual request.  I understand fully if you don't want to do this but it's worth a try!
I recently bought a jar of your vindaloo sauce at the Inverloch farmers market whilst holidaying there.  Over the last 12 months or so I've started to enjoy cooking indian dishes from unground spices, instead of from jars, premade pastes etc.  However my vindaloos never taste anything like a decent vindaloo, I've tried soooo many recipes it's painfully frustrating.  Your sauce tastes fantastic, I have a few favourite indian restaurants/cafe's with great vindaloos, and this sauce seems to sit nicely as a mixture of them all. 
Long story short I'd like to buy your vindaloo recipe from you.  You have my word that I'm not commercially interested in it, it's just for home cooking.  In recipe I'd like to know in detail the whole process of making the sauce, ingredients, technique, etc. 
I know this will effect me from buying your sauces, but I don't live near any of the farmers markets you're at, or any of the retailers you supply to.  Given this I'd say I'll probably pay more for the recipe than the total amount of jars I'd ever get to buy from you. 
Please let me know your thoughts, and what you'd be willing to sell it for.


- unfortunately I couldn't sell our recipe to Karl, but I did give him some handy hints. Not many testimonials come close to this! Ameet.

My wife and I purchased some of your curry bases last Sunday in Canberra. That night we tried the Paprikaan Spinach with goat meat - it was fantastic, and the goat suited it well. Speaking as a person who likes to make my own curry bases, if the rest of your range is as good as this one, I doubt I'll bother again!
Can you advise when you are next back in Canberra? I'll need to buy more soon.
Thank you.
When will you be in Canberra again?
I missed you last time and like your sauces too much to risk missing you again.
I have bought a couple of bottles of your curries at Farmers Market Woden, Canberra, and they are far better than any I can buy in any shop around here (including any of the local Indian shops).

Dear Ameet’s Homestyle,

I discovered your delicious product at the Croydon Farmer’s Market one Saturday. I’ve been using my bottles of simmer sauce sparingly as I don’t live anywhere near Croydon and thought that it might be difficult for me to replenish my supply.

Tonight while preparing a Vindaloo (I’m Veggo so I simply adore your sauces) I noticed a website. Oh joy! What excitement I experienced when I see that you sell your incredible product at a market literally down the street from me! I live within a casual stroll of the Yarraville Market and have promptly marked the date in my diary.

It’s not often that I’m moved to congratulate people on their product but I simply love your sauces and am thrilled that I can purchase them so close to home.

Thank you again and I can’t wait for the fourth Saturday of this month!

Kind regards,


I would like to thank you for producing such delicious curries.

Looking forward to purchasing many more curries

Kind regards


Thank you for the lovely jars of Butter Chicken. I purchased 10 jars at the Heathmont market in May i think. They are part of my emergency supplies in the pantry, for those 'rainy' days in the kitchen. After a lovely day out with school friends in the city we arrived home late to find tea ready. My husband had found the jars and cooked a great meal perfectly, it was a master chef performance and absolute delight to eat.

thank you Ruth

Just tried your Kashmiri Masala. A definite winner. .  Will be trying more. Instead of delivering, can one pick up an order?

Cheers Wilma

I recently purchased some of you delicious sauces at the Inverloch Farmers Market.
I live in Brighton and wonder if you could direct me to the nearest place that I would be able to buy some more.
I have purchased some of your products from the Churchhill Island Farmers market.
I have found them fantasic in a slow cooker.
I live in Berwick and was wondering if you sold your product anywhere near by.
Or am I able to place an order to be posted out?

Hi Ameet,

I hope you are well.

I purchased the tandoori paste at Inverloch market last weekend and let me say -- ITS DELICIOUS!!!! I cooked it last night with chicken after marinating it over night and it was FANTASTIC!!

So, due to my new found love of your curries I need more! I am wondering what date you are next at Mornington market as this is my closest market and no food stores near me sell it. March 7th is Labour day weekend, will you be there then?

Cheers and thanks again for a delicious curry last night!


Hi guys,

Really love your product but I was wondering whether your products are GM free and in particular the vegitable oil used in the curries.

Many thanks for your time


- Yep, we source all of our ingredients GM and Gluten free, even the sunflower oil! We call our sauces stress-free, because we take this valuable concern of food seriously, to give you less to worry about. We want to make delicious, natural and healthy indian flavours available to all Australians. Ameet.

I purchased 3 jars of your sauces at the Farmers Market at Inverloch. My family and I have really enjoyed them and will seek you out at the Mornington Market..
Must go now as the Rogan Josh is ready.
Ken and Ruth
My wife and I purchased your Mango Exotic from a market last week and had it for dinner last night.
I just thought you would like to know that we enjoyed it, and it was very fresh and tasty.  We will definately be buying more of them in future.  Good work!
Travis and Lousie,

Hi Ameet,

We tried the sample Mango Exotic and all the family were impressed – they loved it. We think you can add it permanently to your selection.

Will try the Paprikaan Spinach next week

Best regards,


Just to let you know that we had your Butter Chicken Curry for tea last night.

We were very impressed with the fresh flavour but also with you desire to use predominately Aust produce and to donate money back to farm relief.Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you at the Nunnawading Market soon

Di and family

Hi, just made a vindaloo with your product and am very impressed.